O God, by the passion of your blessed Son you made an instrument of shameful death to be for us the means of life. Grant us so to glory in the cross of Christ that we may gladly suffer shame and loss for the sake of your Son. Amen.

Bulletin & Recording, February 28

Holy God, heavenly Father, in the waters of the flood you saved the chosen, and in the wilderness of temptation you protected your Son from sin. Renew us in the gift of baptism. May your holy angels be with us, that the wicked foe may have no power over us. Amen.

Bulletin & Recordings, February 21

Almighty God, the resplendent light of your truth shines from the mountaintop into our hearts. Transfigure us by your beloved Son, and illumine the world with your image. Amen.

Bulletin & Recordings, February 14

Everlasting God, you give strength to the weak and power to the faint. Make us agents of your healing and wholeness, that your good news may be made known to the ends of your creation. Amen.

Bulletin & Recordings, February 7

Event Update 3
UPDATED February 2, 2021 These policies takes effect for BBC immediately. WEATHER CANCELLATION POLICY Borchers Breakfast Club will coincide with the Seymour School Corporation’s decisions for school closings and delays. If Seymour schools are delayed or have a virtual learning day due to weather, Borchers Breakfast Club will be CANCELED. Please listen to WZZB 1390 […]

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